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Tantuni Machine Tools

Tantuni machine expert specialist firm with years of experience in all kinds of procedures tantuni implications bench made with turkey and contracted cargo shipping to anywhere in the world alıtayız.tant the stalls of gas is CE CE tantrum; electric heated tantuni 2200 watt electric power can be used in two types of this electric heated control place and location selection.1.System dimmer control system; dimmer kontorol system electric heated tantuni assembly pan ... resistance is just like a<

With his experience of years, our company is an expert on the bench Tantuni make hints bench of any kind of tantrum contracted cargo with turkey and the world's onward shipping sağlamaktayız.tant the stalls CE ce of gas is yapılabilmektedir.tant the loom manufacturing as uses the saved in a variety of variations and heating section consists of 3 types; Electrical heating In addition to being able to consume 2200 watts of electric power, there are two types of electric consumption control section.1.System is a dimmer control system; resistance is the same as turning on a stove. There is a method to turn the heat control on the other tantuni bench. The thermostat for resistance control in the electric tantuni furnace can increase and decrease up to approximately 350 degrees and can provide ease of control.

The place to control the temperature of the other tantuni bench can be called as LPG (gas) heating section. Gas heating is very easy and convenient to use and it is also the most powerful part. The bar pressure is the most powerful part. Lpg heated tantuni table is used in the burner with a burner size of 10 cm and is used 0,40 mmlinion and this shows how strong the fire power can be burned.

 Other heating division is described as natural gas and bulk gas system. Although it is a very economical system to use in this system, this system is CE certified and registered in the official system of Gazmer.Tantuni bench heating system with natural gas pilot system and safety valve system can be used in the system. .