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Orange Decorated Tantuni Countertops

Orange Decorated Tantuni Countertops resimiOrange Decorated Tantuni Countertops resimi
Orange Decorated Tantuni Countertops

Orange Decorated Tantuni Countertops

Stock Code : TT-20

Tantuni Machine Tool Complete Stainless Chrome Industrial Kitchen Equipments, Tantuni countertops are manufactured in 240 * 90 * 90h / 225h dimensions.


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Tantuni countertop is made of stainless steel. Tantuni countertops are produced with two trays and the first one is made of 60 cm diameter and the tray is 73 cm in diameter. The hoods of the Tantuni workbench have been manufactured with a filter and the hoods are manufactured with the poles attached to the tantuni bench. Tantuni machine is produced with CE certificate and ECA taps and pilots are used and they provide automatic burning. 45 cm in the middle of the Tantuni quarry is given in the middle of the salat bar provides easy to use. The parts facing the master of the Tantuni quarry were covered with spral chrome plated sheet and the worker was prevented from being disturbed by heat. In the section where Tantuni stigma is the master, a platform of 30 cm is made and a chopping board can be placed. The output of the Tantuni workbench is 30 * 30 cm square. The feet of the Tantuni countertop are 4 cm in size and are designed to fit into uneven ground.