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Lokma and the famous Casting Machines

Chocolate bite machine and izmir bite machine are manufactured in our company and the desired size and variety of products are available.

Proffesional bite pouring machines are known to produce two kinds of bite as one of them. The first one is called as automatic palace bite machine and the other one is called as manual palace bite machine.

In the middle section of the new generation brewing machine, 6 of 1/9 cuvettes are used and these gastronomic cuvettes are added as neutr


All kinds of palace counter-chocolate bite bite bite machine-ism manufacturing is done mainly countertops and shipping are negotiated, including turkey, we provide the world's shipping heyer.

We have sales only in machine part and pump part in Saray bite benches.

We also manufacture and sell chrome gastronomes and stainless tubs located on the upper part of the bite machine.

We are able to divide up to 4 installments on credit card to the products we sell in terms of ease of payment to our customers.